• Certified DATA Destruction


    Hard Drive are Easy to Recycle!


    Did you know that ComputerCorps provides certified data destruction for businesses, governmental  agencies, educational institutions and non-profits?

    What about private individuals?

    Don’t fear that your tax data, financial passwords, or family pictures will be set loose on the internet when you donate your computer equipment to ComputerCorps; as a matter of standard policy, ComputerCorps destroys all data from all computers and hard drives that we collect or receive.

    In fact, ComputerCorps quarantines all computers upon receipt until the hard drives are removed. Then, even after removal, the hard drives are quarantines until the data is completely and permanently destroyed. Data is also destroyed on all donated hard drives.

    Certified Data Destruction

    ComputerCorps can provide a “Certificate of Data Destruction” (when necessary or requested) on any hard drives or computers that are donated. ComputerCorps uses specialized software and other methods that meet or exceed the Department of Defense specifications. If you and/or your company would require a “Certificate of Data Destruction” that will list the serial #’s and details of the process used, there is a charge of $25 for the first hard drive and $7 for each additional drive.

    Sorry, we do not shred or destroy paper documents, only data on hard drives.