Our Mission

ComputerCorps Vision, Mission, Goals & Focus

Our Vision:

Using computer technology and knowledge to bring families and communities together.

Our Mission:

To provide access to computer technology and skills training for under-served families, while eliminating electronic scrap “eScrap” in our nation’s landfills .

Our Goals:

To meet its goals, ComputerCorps solicits the support of local businesses, community and other charitable organizations.

As an internationally recognized 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization, the ComputerCorps™ organization accomplishes its mission by achieving the following goals:

    1. To COLLECT donations of used computers, monitors, printers, parts and other electronic components;
    2. To REFURBISH usable computer equipment.
    3. To RECYCLE unusable parts and materials in order to keep electronic scrap out of the landfills;
    4. To DISTRIBUTE refurbished and upgraded equipment to the community at little or no cost through our various “Every Home A Classroom™” Programs: a) Via Schools; b) Via Volunteering; c) Via TechCamp; d) Via Our Used Computer Stores and Distribution Centers.
    5. To TRAIN individuals to use, repair, refurbish and upgrade equipment using our “Every Home A Classroom” TM; a) Techs-In-Training™; b) “TechCamps™”; c) and “Academic Success Labs™” (ASL’s)
    6. To SUPPORT recipients, families and organizations with technical advice and service using our “Every Home A Classroom” TM Help Desks” and “Technology Learning Centers”.

Our Focus:

To provide computers and skills training to six main communities:

    1. Low-income, at-risk youth and their families.
    2. Physically and other challenged individuals.
    3. Displaced workers seeking new technical skills.
    4. Technically challenged workforce.
    5. Senior community of 50 plus
    6. Military personnel and their families