Battle Born Tech – May 2020

May 5, 2020

We repeat BBT #11 from last week.

12 – May 12, 2020 (part 1)
Zoom Goes Boom

In this extra-long episode, in part 1 host Christy and Joe welcomes email Kevin about transferring media to digital format. Rachel calls about Zoom Boom!

Abbreviation on the Week: BYOD Bring your own device.

Tech Term of the Week: Ripping: Getting media from physical material (CD, DVD, LP record, Cassette) to music/media format computer file.

FLAC format (Free Lossless Audio Codec) is a method of compressing audio without loss of information into computer readable files with the .FLAC file extension)

Wave format (Waveform Audio File Format) an uncompressed audio that produces large files (.WAV file extension) that is often the original file format of recording software or digital recorders.

MP3 format (Moving Pictures Experts Group – Audio Level III) is a popular audio encoding method that produces files of various sizes and quality with the .MP3 file extension.

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13 – May 12, 2020 (part 2)
Siobhan vs. Tech

How are you Gentlemen? All your calls are belong to Siobhan. Listen to see if we head off destruction by her tech! Her first call is about limited screen time. Next she struggles with a outlet extender with USB outlets, and finally? a charger than makes the iPhone act like it was possessed video game.

Tech Term of the Week: Open Whisper / Signal Protocol for privacy.

BBT Quiz: Nominal is _____________________

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14 – May 19, 2020

Christy wrestles passwords and credit cards out of caller Rachel’s browser. A clarification: Anti-virus is unneeded because Microsoft Windows already has protection. Joe recommends upgrading from Post-it notes. Firefox Lockwise is a new upgrade of Firefox’s browser based password manager. We have an email from Joan about extending her cord from webcam to her computer. Rachel returns with a Zoom screen layout question.

The word of the day segment I say “video” from laptops when I should have said “audio”. It was the audio that was lacking on early HDMI output from laptops. Also I should have said “upscale” video instead of “upverter” whatever that is.

Tech Terms: HDMI the High-Definition Multimedia Interface

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15 – May 26, 2020
Shutdown DVDs

Spring cyber cleaning tips. How to really shutdown your Windows computer, Tom calls about finalizing his ancient video camera DVDs, Rachel has a question about an update that installs.

Battle Born Tech Terms: PTZ Cameras – not a brand!

BBT quoteables: “Fast Start Up” is “Incomplete Shut Down”,”Big Buttons equals Big Trouble”, “Magic Smoke”, “It wasn’t Weird at the time”, “Better-but not as Popular”, “March of Media”

BBT Extend and Revise: ZOOM clients needs to be upgrade to version 5, which is current on the show date.

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