Battle Born Tech – June 2020

16 – June 2, 2020
Font of Knowledge

In this show, we have Maren considering a laptop for school, a different Raechel (from Colorado!) wonders about cookies, cache, incognito mode, and history, Cherie has default font challenges in Word.

Christy recommends a Spring Cleaning of the barnacles on the bottom right of your Windows screen. Every icon saps your system of speed and slows startup.

Folks with privacy concerns such as Rachael, might want to combine Firefox with uBlock Origin (not just uBlock) add-on by Raymond Hill.

Teachers tell me that Chalkboard maps very well with the way 1st graders write (and read!) which makes it popular with teachers.

Battle Born Tech Quotes: “Cookies make the web useful.” “Hit a key more than twice…you’re doing it wrong.” “Startup Barnacles”

Abbreviation on the Week: TL;DR

Tech Term of the Week: Kerned Font: letter pairs like AV snuggle up to each other.

System Notification Area in the bottom right corner of the screen.

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Font Choices

Spaces and Tabs

17 – June 9, 2020
Hiding the Remote

Rachel needs to replace her old Apple TV, Cherie needs help finding hidden settings, and Catherine needs to watch TV without bothering her partner.

UPDATE: Video result of our Advice:

Battle Born Tech Quote: “Battle the Tech Not Your Partner”

Tech Term of the Week: Kernel in a computer operating system

Bonus Tech Term: Cloud (link has a larger perspective)

Battle Born Tech Radio – Broadcasted 8 PM PST June 9, 2020 on KNVC 95.1

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18 – June 16, 2020
RickRolling Until We’re Blue

Rachel tries on blue blockers. Marilyn wonders how to get her iPad working or replaced and gets a third option to solve her problem.

Battle Born Quotes: We know the tech game and we are going to play it.
Promises not to rickroll is one of the major parts of rickrolling.

Tech Terms: L33T (Leet) speak is spoken about. and we do WiFi by the numbers.

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19 – June 23, 2020
The Trouble with Tubers

Dana wants to help folks to find her church’s YouTube channel and travels through URL land, the first rule of SEO is not to talk about SEO, Robert has a lagging VPN, an email scammer impersonates a listener.

Battle Born Tech Terms & Tips: URL Uniform Resource Locator, SEO Search Engine Optimization, and Windows 10 forever but not really as another version, 2004, is released, and VPN – Virtual Private Network

BBT quoteables: Window Updates Lies, Cyber Roulette, It’s always a good day to change your password,

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20 – June 30, 2020
Crispy Christy

Marilyn calls to update her struggles with her lagging iPad, a person whose name shall not be said, wants to know how to keep it that way, Vern is confused with One Note and One Drive which may be Microsoft intention. We cover both seamlessly, see if you can find when we switch.

Battle Born Tech Terms & Tips: We hook you up with WAN and LAN. IoT is the Internet of Things, smart devices in the home. We reveal DOXing. We also have some social engineering examples.

BBT quoteables: Getting new equipment is always a good idea, Sometimes the knight gets burned by the dragon. I stand by that guess. Free tech help worth every penny. There is never one person on the internet. All your tech are belong to us.

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