OPEN at 4630 Hwy 50 E!

4630 Hwy 50 E next to the Highway 50 Post Office. We're 1.4 east of the highway. Come in for great deals and see how we are growing!

TechCamp Summer

Best two weeks of summer. Sign up for 2020 NOW!

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  • We’ve Moved To US 50 East...

    We are located at 4630 Highway 50 East in Carson City. Next to the Highway 50 Post Office. We are 1.4 miles east of the highway. Continue Reading →
  • Make a Difference with ComputerCorp...

    With the support and ever-growing demand for the programs that we offer, ComputerCorps has some urgent needs so that we can continue to grow and serve the needs of our communities:
    We need money to purchase additional parts and software for […]

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  • TechCamp 2020 Registration OPEN!...

    TechCamp 2020 is ready to GO! AT OUR NEW LOCATION: 4630 Hwy 50 E! We have flyers and applications below for campers and sponsors! Sign up NOW because we turn folks away every year because our limited space fills up […]

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  • Battle Born Tech...

    8:00 PM Tuesday on KNVC 95.1: Starting on February 11, “Battle-Born Tech” with Christy Ramsey, tackles your computer glitches and tech problems. Call anytime and leave your question for Battle-Born Tech at (775) 241-3571.

    It may seem like your tech devices […]

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  • Desktops for the Corps...

    Join the Corps and fly these colors on your desktop. 
    These desktop wallpapers come with our Anniversary Edition systems. You can be upgraded for $50 with the best browser and password manager, along with taming Windows for a more private and […]

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