Battle Born Tech – Feb 2020

1 – February 11, 2020
Upgrades and Downloads

Tom calls about shopping on-line, Catherine wonders about upgrading MacBook Pro, and Robert Bruce wants to get his pictures off his phone.

Our Word of the Week is malware, our software program of the week is the Brave browser.

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2 – February 18, 2020
The Wandering Printout

Caller Bryan wants to know why his print out appears at the printer down the hall. Kathy talks about her noisy computer with Christy. Cindy wonders how to best spend $500 on a computer. We close with a discussion of password managers.

Battle Born Tech word of the day is password manager. I don’t say it in the show, but I use Bitwarden.

Battle Born Tech Radio – Broadcast 2/18/2020 on KNVC 95.1

3 – February 25, 2020
Pizza and Vampires at the Door

Christy talks to callers with questions about Windows/Microsoft Defender anti-virus, Greg calls about bringing his Windows 7 to Windows 10 laptop, Kirk considers Mac antivirus, Bill has a favorite backup product.

Here are the Forbes article about the MalwareBytes report on threats. We also have a bonus article about anti-virus on Macs and in general from Wirecutters.

Our abbreviation of the week is HTML the tech term of the week Browser.

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Battle Born Tech Radio – Broadcast 2/25/2020 on KNVC 95.1
I made this in 1990s when I was a volunteer firefighter.
Look close for the red flashing lights.