Battle Born Tech – April 2020

April 7, 2020

Due to technical difficulties, this was a rebroadcast of Battle Born Tech #8, our March 31st show.

9 – April 14, 2020

Zooming Along

In this extra-long episode, hosts Christy and Joe welcome callers. Vern calls about Zoom for a small fellowship group, Bette returns with Bluetooth keyboard woes on her tablet, Teacher Rachel returns asking for tablet recommendations.

Tech Term of the Week: The Perils and Pitfalls of PDF usuage.

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10 – April 21, 2020

No Zoom Boom

Scott calls about Zoom for the church and TechSoup discount program for non-profits is mentioned, Christy and Joe talk about preventing Zoom Bombing, email about a computer full of ads.

Tech Word of the Week: POE and EoP (HomePlug) Christy talks about Power over Ethernet to combine power and internet on one cable. (EoP, HomePlug puts internet on the AC power wiring.)

Battle Born Tech Radio – Broadcasted 8 PM PST April 21, 2020 on KNVC 95.1

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11 – April 28, 2020

Cloudy with a Chance of Print

Cher has a wifi printer that won’t print. It wasn’t Hadley this time, (see video below). Siobhan has a cloudy day.

Tech Terms: We talk about Zero-Day which is like Fight Club.

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