Repair or Replace? We make both easy!

Slow computer? Pop-ups? Weird call from “Microsoft”? We can help!

Our Computer Outlet store accepts laptops, desktops, and towers for repair by our techs.

  1. Bring in your laptop with the power brick or tower computer.
  2. We’ll set it up so you can show us what is wrong or tell us if you’re in a hurry.
  3. Pay a $45 diagnostic fee which is credited to your repair or replacement
  4. If we can fix it, we’ll let you know, and you can pay the balance when you pick it up. (usually <$95)
  5. Don’t want to pay the balance? You can donate the computer, and the $45 you paid can be credited to a replacement computer.

Can’t wait? Our $50 rush service gets you to the front of the line!

Prices vary but are never a surprise. Some sample prices are:

Check-in/Diagnostic ONLY  (credited to repair charge) $45
Basic Malware Removal $95
Severe Malware Removal $145
Update Failure or Boot Loop $145
Reinstall Operating System (no data) $95
Password Removal Windows $75 each
Password Removal BIOS and Other $95 and up
Internal Laptop Battery Replacement $145
Backup 1 User Directory files (working system<30GB) from $130
Install a Wireless to Tower System: $45+card
Install a Video Card to Tower System: $45+card
Additional Software Installation $45
Larger Hard Drive or SSD Tower System $75 and up
Notebook Screen, SSD, Memory or Keyboard $100 plus parts
Rush Charge / Front of the Line $50 additional