About Us

The Idea Behind ComputerCorps –

In 1990, the co-founders of ComputerCorps gave a computer to a 72 year old widowed gentleman. This event dramatically changed his life by providing him with an exciting new purpose for living. For the next several years, he spent hundreds of hours learning, teaching and helping other seniors learn about computers.

From that experience, the ComputerCorps organization was officially formed in 1997 when a group of volunteers got together to help put recycled computers back into the community and not into the landfills. These older generation computers were tested, repaired, refurbished, upgraded and then donated at little or no cost to seniors, at-risk children, low-income families, displaced workers and disabled individuals.

The ComputerCorps organization started with 4 volunteers. Since 1997, more than 7,000 volunteers have donated more than 600,000 hours to helping others obtain and learn about computers.

The ComputerCorps organization is organized exclusively for charitable, environmental and educational purposes.

Recycling of Equipment-

The organization receives donations of computer equipment; CPU’s, monitors, printers, fax machines, copiers, components and parts from individuals, businesses and community organizations. This donated equipment is then assessed and sorted by technicians for usability as a whole or for parts. Volunteer staff then disassemble, test, repair, upgrade and reassemble the equipment to create refurbished computers, printers, and monitors. Unusable parts are recycled or sold as scrap in order to reduce landfill waste. Non-usable or surplus items are auctioned or sold to generate revenue to purchase parts and pay the light bills.

Reuse of Equipment –

ComputerCorps donates refurbished computer equipment to deserving individuals, organizations and schools at little or no cost. Refurbishing of equipment has been an on going project since inception, carried out by trained volunteers with varied backgrounds.

Computer Training – Software and Hardware –

ComputerCorps uses refurbished computer equipment and provides computer training in basic to intermediate computer technical skills, both software and hardware at our facility. ComputerCorps currently provides computer training to low income, at-risk youth and their families, physically or mentally challenged individuals, displaced workers seeking to develop or improve technical skills, technically challenged work force, and senior community over 50 years of age. This training has been on going since inception.

The organization facilitates  individual volunteer opportunities for individuals to volunteer to assist in the training of others, as well as community sponsorship for recipients of computers and training. Classroom training is available. Individual training for persons with special needs or circumstances can be arranged also.

Current Recipient Programs –

ComputerCorps has established some primary Recipient Programs to provide computers and training to others:

  1. ‘Every Home ‘A’ Classroom’ Program (EHAC)TM – that provides a free computer system for qualifying families of school aged children without a working computer in their home.
  2. ‘Every Home ‘A’ Classroom’ Techs-In-Training (TECHS)TM Program to provide hands-on technical training for individuals from 15 to 90 years of age.
  3. ‘Every Home ‘A’ Classroom’ TechCamp (CAMP)TM Program for 10-15 year old students during the summer.
  4. ‘Every Home ‘A’ Classroom’ via (Volunteering)TM provides complete computer systems for individuals that can volunteer their time in exchange for equipment and training;

These programs allow individuals to train in the use of computers, obtain a computer, train in the use of software programs, and train in refurbishing and recycling of computers.

Financial Policy –

ComputerCorps’ programs are structured so that the recipient can qualify for several types of financial assistance and/or free services. Some recipients can earn volunteer credits to use in conjunction with a small cash donation to apply toward the acquisition of equipment or services. Our charges for products and services are priced at a competitive rate, usually well below market value. We provide a limited warranty on most equipment and services that we provide for the community. A recipient can decide what services and/or volunteer time they can donate to help support the mission and goals of our organization.

“Blast From The Past” –

For a historical overview of ComputerCorps beyond the above text. You may want to read “Blast From The Past” under our News section.

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