“Creating Green Partners” ™

Older Generation Electronic Equipment such as computers, monitors, printers, fax machines, copiers, and other electronic devices are becoming a significant disposal problem for our nation. City, county, state and federal governments are scrambling to cope with the electronic waste (eWaste) problems that are growing each day.

ComputerCorps has been addressing the e-waste issues since 1997 in order to reduce the environmental impact of everyone’s electronic products that are headed for the landfills.


 Benefits of Recycling with ComputerCorps

  • Our primary goal for all products received is “RE-USE”. Most of the computer related items are refurbished and upgraded and then donated at little or no cost to other non-profit organizations, schools and individuals who would not otherwise be able to acquire these items.
  • Materials are managed in a way to minimize environmental impacts by focusing on reuse and reclamation of materials versus adding this to our nations landfills or disposing of electronic waste in some other manner.
  • These donated electronic items are “de-manufactured”. The components are then separated and tested. Usable items are then put into computer systems for distribution back into the communities.
  • Unusable items such as plastic, glass, tins, aluminum, wire, etc, are then separated into bins and are given or sold to recyclers in order to support our programs.

ComputerCorps Efforts to Reduce eWaste:

  •  Removing this electronic waste from our nations landfills.
  •  Refurbishing these electronic items in order to provide economic opportunity for disadvantaged communities.
  •  Reusing these items within these communities through our “Every Home a Classroom”™ Program
  •  Donating this equipment to schools, non-profit organizations and families in the underserved community.
  •  Providing Certified Hardware Destruction when necessary on any items donated.
  •  Providing Certified Data Destruction when necessary on any donated hard drives.

Items We Can Recycle:

  • Computers
  • Computer Related Items
  • Flat Screen Monitors
  • Printers
  • Fax Machines
  • Copiers
  • Cell Phones and PDA’s
  • Computer Software and Books
  • Telephone Equipment
  • Cameras and Related Equipment
  • VCR and DVD units
  • Stereos and Speakers
  • Miscellaneous Electronic Equipment

Items We CanNOT Recycle

  • TV Sets and Consoles from individual donors.
  • NO CRT monitors (Tube or Fat monitors)
  • NO Appliances

We will consider quantities of 50+ of the same brand and model TV sets from schools, hotels, hospitals, etc. Please email us at: with the details.

 eWaste Projects

  •  Community Forums and Presentations on eWaste.
  •  Expand this eWaste Removal Program to Other Regions of the Country.
  •  Community Help Desk for eWaste.
  •  Develop a National Collection Program to process a variety of eWaste items.