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Ready to join the Corps? Great! We have a on-line form below or you can print out this pdf paper application and mail it to us.

PO Box 21550
Carson City, NV 89721

If you are under 18, use the pdf paper application so your parent or guardian can sign it and mail it to us. 

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    Volunteer Rules and Guidelines

    The ComputerCorps mission is to help others and the community. All volunteer duties are to be performed with the spirit of teamwork, co-operation and kindness. Volunteers not abiding by these rules will be asked to leave.

    1. Your conduct must be in a respectful and courteous manner at all times.

    2. Foul language, disruptive behavior or gossip will not be tolerated.

    3. Friends are not to be on the property unless front office is notified.

    4. Any form of illegal activity (alcohol, drugs, theft, etc.) will terminate volunteer.

    5. ComputerCorps adheres to the strictest software anti-piracy policies.

    6. Software is not to be copied except for backup purposes.

    7. All volunteers must log in upon arrival and out prior to departure.

    8. All volunteers must wear the appropriate nametags or ID badges.

    9. For security and control purposes, volunteers may be required at any time to provide a copy of their drivers license and/or photo identification and to have their picture taken. Reference and background checks will be made prior to acceptance of volunteer application.

    Additional Guidelines for Volunteers under the age of 18 years

    1. On school days, Student Volunteers may volunteer only during non-class hours.

    2. Disrespect shown toward parents and/or teachers may suspend volunteers

    Waiver of Liability & Disclaimer

    I acknowledge that by participating in different volunteer duties the risk of physical injury is present. I further acknowledge that the programs of ComputerCorps are primarily administered by individuals who volunteer their time rather than paid professionals. In consideration for ComputerCorps accepting the above named individual & permitting the voluntary participation of said individual in its programs, I hereby release, discharge, & hold harmless ComputerCorps, its employees, volunteers & any other entities and/or representatives from any claims arising out of or relating to any physical injury that may result to said individual while participating in ComputerCorps sponsored events, including any physical injury caused by the negligence of any supervisors while performing his or her duties during any functions. I further acknowledge that I am only a volunteer and that any benefits or perks that I receive as a result of my participation do not constitute an employee employer relationship. I acknowledge that I have read and fully understand the above and that the information that I have provided is true and correct.

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    At various times ComputerCorps and its volunteers work with children, sensitive data and costly computer components. Because of this work, it is often necessary to run background checks on the volunteers with local, state and / or federal agencies. Volunteers may also be requested to have their picture and / or fingerprints taken and to provide a copy of their picture ID for ComputerCorps files. All information provided will be kept as confidential as possible.

    By clicking the statement below, you acknowledge you are 18 years or older, accept of the terms of our relationship, submit the information above and state that all information is true.