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We accept donations of electronic components, computers, LCD monitors, medical equipment, printers, keyboards, mice, software, and other miscellaneous office furniture and equipment, including copy machines and fax machines.

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Older Generation Electronic Equipment is becoming a significant disposal problem for our nation. ComputerCorps has been addressing the e-waste issues since 1997 in order to reduce the amount of electronic products headed for the landfills.

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To accomplish our mission and goals, ComputerCorps is recruiting a volunteer army to fight the war of techno-fear, make a difference in the community and bridge the digital divide of those who don’t have access to computers and technology. Click for printable application.

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From teens getting hands on tech experience in TechCamp to seniors learning how to refurbish computers ComputerCorps provides learning opportunities for all.

Latest From The Corps

  • $95 Laptop Sale...

    While supplies last at our Outlet Stores for our Winter Sale we have laptops priced at $95. Models and specifications vary but all are AT LEAST:

    Intel Core 2 CPU Processor
    2 GB Memory
    80 GB Hard Drive
    DVD Optical Drive
    Battery and A/C power […]

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  • Make a Difference with ComputerCorp...

    With the support and ever-growing demand for the programs that we offer, ComputerCorps has some urgent needs so that we can continue to grow and serve the needs of our communities:
    We need money to purchase additional parts and software for […]

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  • That About Wraps It Up...

    Computer Corps Development Director and all around good sport Ron Norton got an early April Fool’s present. His own car wrapped up with a bow! Continue Reading →
  • The End of Anti-Virus...

    Great Article on Gizmodo by David Nield about how the time for Anti-Virus programs have passed. At ComputerCorps we have adopted this practice, protecting our customers WITHOUT sacrificing speed or usability.

    Ten years ago the first thing you needed to load on […]

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  • TechCamp 2017...

    TechCamp 2017 is ready to GO! We have flyers and applications for campers and sponsors! Sign up NOW because we turn folks away every year because our limited space fills up well before the summer. Pay before May 1st and […]

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Making a World of Difference

Recycling Yesterday Into Tomorrow

More than 9.0 million computer items have been kept out of the landfills by refurbishing, reusing or recycling; which is more than 10 million pounds of electronic waste.

eCycling at ComputerCorps

More than 7,000 volunteers have contributed their time and knowledge to ComputerCorps providing more than 13,000 individuals with equipment and/or training.

Volunteers at ComputerCorps

More than 16,000 computer systems have been refurbished and returned to the community. Our eBay store has 100% rating from over 3,000 buyers.

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