• TechCamp Gives Youth Hands On Computer Experience

    TechCampGroupThumbUpAt TechCamp, students ages 10-15 have fun and learn about computer recycling, testing, assembly and operations. Youth work on computer concepts, hardware skills, operating system fundamentals and internet safety all reinforced with quizzes, prizes, games, cheers, good humor, through individual, small group and team projects.

    Group disassemble computers and then reassemble them gaining confidence and skills in computer repair, upgrading, and maintenance. They made unbreakable codes and a mock computer network by hand sending messages while learning about packets and the inner workings of the the actual internet.

    Every student goes home with a working computer that they know inside and out!

    There are three two week camp sessions which meet at our Carson City location from 1:30-4:30 pm Monday-Friday. Spaces are limited! Registration info is available at 775-883-2323

    TechCamp Alpha June 15-26, (OPEN for Registration)

    TechCamp Bravo July 13-24, (OPEN for Registration)

    TechCamp Charlie August 3-14, (OPEN for Registration)

    We have a printable flyer to pass on to friends and family that includes more information and an application for students. Thanks for your interest. Hope to welcome you this summer.