• Battle Born Tech

    8:00 PM Tuesday on KNVC 95.1: Starting on February 11, “Battle-Born Tech” with Christy Ramsey, tackles your computer glitches and tech problems. Call anytime and leave your question for Battle-Born Tech at (775) 241-3571.

    It may seem like your tech devices are out to get you. Christy hosts the locally-produced computer show for the rest of us. Call in to leave a message with your computer or tech question and our hosts will call you back to discuss your issue. Whether your laptop is acting slow, or monitor image is bright magenta, or you’ve been wondering if using Linux is all it’s cracked up to be, Battle Born Tech will help get to the root of the problem and will be your ally in the ongoing struggle against misbehaving tech.

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  1. Rebecca Watkins says:

    U r a very varied soul Christy! I am hoping Cole Hawkins will call in a question on behalf of our church future tech equipment dilemma…Peace, Rebecca W.